Night Shadow - Gay Paranormal Erotica


Gay Fantasy Erotica bookcover for Night Shadow showing male vampire beneath a moon

Night Shadow

There is something enticing about the night. The hum of the city, the traffic—the noise, the people who might make sudden appearances in your life. I had such a chance encounter. 

Finding a token to enter a private club, I'm introduced to a world I didn't know existed. And in that world, the man running it all. Sultry, commanding—and stunning, Dominique. 

I'm compelled to follow Dominique wherever he leads me. I find myself in his private quarters above the club, my mind fuzzy from drink, fixated on his gorgeous features and physique. 

His lips—his eyes. My gaze travels lower. 

He's an Adonis. He embodies beauty and desire—holds it in his hands and plays with it. 

I want nothing more than to be in his arms, but Dominique gives me a command. Go home and come back to him of my own volition when my mind is clear. 

Can I resist the temptation? He's dangerous and powerful, I can feel it. Should I throw caution to the wind and return to him? What will become of me if I do?

Genre: Gay Paranormal Erotica

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