Wings of Fire - Gay Fantasy MPreg Erotica


Gay Fantasy Erotica Cover for Wings of Fire showing painted and blindfolded man covering his face

Wings of Fire

Damian has a simple job to do, track down a bail jumper, capture him, deliver him to the penal colony on Luna 1, and collect his bounty. 

The human bail jumper, Noel, turns out to be trouble, not in the trying to escape sense, but in the won't shut up sense. He's grating on Damian's very last nerve.
Having to make a detour to his apartment to clean up, Damian finds there's more to the human than he thought possible. The human has soul and a curious back history. 

Being in heat, Damian finds himself drawn to the human. It goes against every bit of logic, but his desire overwhelms him. He needs to be bred by this particular male. 

Will he follow through? And if he does, what will that lead to?

Genre: Gay Fantasy MPreg Erotica

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