In Tune - M/M Erotic Romance

Gay Erotic Romance bookcover of In Tune showing man with guitar

In Tune

When you're in tune with someone, does it matter how you began? 

Lucas is playing a gig with his band, his twelfth night in a row in his hometown of Portland. The other band on the billing is good. A blues band from Texas. And the lead singer, Danny, is something else to look at. Watching his lips move gives Lucas all sorts of ideas. 

Danny is on the road for six weeks, playing cities between Dallas and Portland. He's only in Portland for one night. Life on the road is lonely. He takes a chance and asks Lucas out for coffee after the show. They're both tired. It's late, but they find they can't keep their hands off each other. 

After a frantic encounter in a back alley, Lucas asks Danny back to his place. Their night slows down. What will the morning bring? Exactly how in tune with each other are they?

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance

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Bound - Gay Bondage Erotica

Gay Erotica bookcover for Bound showing man with his hands tied behind his back


A desire to be bound transforms into a desperate need to be possessed 

Richard answers a personal advertisement in his small-town newspaper. "Seeking someone who likes to play with ropes".

Charles seems an average enough man. Hard-working. True 1890s grit. Homesteading on the outskirts of town. 

Bound and strung up in Charles's barn, Richard's wildest fantasies are about to come true. He wants to be punished and used, brought to the brink of his endurance. 

A second encounter changes Richard's perspective on where he sees his life heading. Charles has shown Richard a side of himself he never dreamed existed. 

Is Richard willing to turn over total control to Charles?

Genre: Gay Bondage Erotica

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ManLove Bundle - M/M Erotic Romance


ManLove Bundle

Both books from the ManLove Series: Zone Defense and Defense Reaction. A College Gay Erotic Romance and an Office Gay Erotic Romance. Two titillating and arousing romances with happily ever after endings.

(Zone Defense) Nathan Kent isn't thrilled with the idea of completing his final year of college at a completely different institution from where he started—but the opportunity to join one of the top varsity football teams is too much of a temptation to pass up. Until he meets his new roommate Aaron Campbell, and realizes he's in trouble—in a gorgeous, rock-hard ab kind of way.

(Defense Reaction) Gary Bartell is finally in charge of his own accounting department. It isn't glamorous, but it's all he's ever wanted. Unless you include his roommate, Daniel Cooper. After years of living together, Gary is convinced Daniel will never have any romantic interest in him. Is it time to move on? Or does their life together mean more to Daniel than he's willing to admit?

Genre: Gay Erotic Romance

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Gay Erotica Bundle #2 - FOUR Gay Erotica Short Stories


Gay Erotica Bundle #2

Bundle of FOUR Gay Erotica titles. A Professor, a Priest, an Electrician, and a Go Go Dancer. Follow the desires of these men as they seek fulfillment.

(Academic Desire): Has a professor ever caught your eye? Todd Lambert is in his third year, working toward a Sociology degree. A new professor is taking over their Sociology of Sexuality course. Despite being some thirty-five years his senior, the hot, easy-going professor catches Todd's eye. Todd thinks it might be reciprocal. 

(Forgiven): Easter Sunday, David is at church to attend mass. The shock of his life appears before his eyes when the priest performing mass turns out to be the guy he hooked up with three weeks back. After letting Father Wayne know he's on to him, David is surprised when he is contacted again by the priest, looking for a repeat. How can he say no? Isn't that what confession is about—forgiveness. 

(Power Surge): Hot, dirty—and powerful. Surging competition leads to electrifying desire. Throwing rivalry to the wind, Cameron takes a dangerous step. Scott's seductive eyes and smile are calling to him; driving his lust to new heights. What will the night bring? Simple fulfillment of desire or something more. 

(The Way He Moves): After a breakup, Peter's friends arrange a night out at a local gay bar renowned for its go-go dancers. Paul sweeps onto the stage and Peter finds a new appreciation for the art form. He is enthralled by the way Paul moves his body to the music. Later, he is shocked when Paul makes his way over to their table and starts flirting with him. He's out of Peter's league. But will that stop him?

Genre: Gay Erotica

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Gay Erotic Tales Bundle - Gay Erotica



Unquenchable thirst coupled with unbridled desire

FOUR stories! Connor finds himself on a roller coaster of pleasure. Follow him on his journey as he wades through the sweaty grips of love, passion, and lust for the ultimate fulfillment in the complete series of Gay Erotic Tales.

Genre: Gay Erotica

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Gay Erotica Bundle #1 - FOUR Gay Erotica Short Stories


Gay Erotica Bundle #1

Bundle of FOUR Gay Erotica titles. Hot, hard, and carnal. 

(Amongst the Heather): A threesome in the highlands of modern-day Scotland. Angus is on the lookout for men interested in continuing the Highland Games somewhere scenic away from the village. He finds two—a couple of burly, furry bears. Their ample bellies and thick beards are exactly what Angus is looking for. Amongst the heather, will this cub be satisfied by what these men are looking to do to him? 

(Broken): The thrashing he's willing to take—maybe he's broken. Robert turns out to be more aggressive than Daniel had been expecting. He plays his part, obeying everything that is asked of him. Robert has paid for him for the whole night. What he's willing to endure; Daniel knows he must be broken. 

(Farmhand): A desire to be used by multiple men comes to fruition. One night turns into two when Shaun offers more of his body to the other farmhands. After being bred, Rex, the farm manager takes a special interest in him. He wants even more of what Shaun has on offer. His summer job is turning out better than Shaun ever imagined it would. 

(Lustful Temptation): Have you ever been tempted by a stranger? Nathan is minding his own business planting a hedge in a customer's yard. Evidently, the owner of the property has other ideas. The temptation of what's on offer proves too much for Nathan. He will be planting much more than a hedge this afternoon.

Genre: Gay Erotica

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Gay Erotic Romance Bundle - FOUR M/M Erotic Romance Short Stories


Gay Erotic Romance Bundle

Bundle of FOUR Gay Erotic Romance titles. Sweet, sexy, and full of love. 

(Paint By Numbers): Romance, sex—and paint. How messy is life about to get? Following his heart, graffiti artist Adam messes up, sending Liam, renowned, straight street artist, running for the hills. Is all lost or will Liam find his way back to him? What does the future hold for them? Will they ever get the chance to paint together? Or will there be more?

(Lost): Solitude interrupted brings with it a desire like no other. Caleb has lived in the mountains for almost twenty years. On a hunting expedition, Caleb comes across a truck buried in the snow. The light of a candle alerts him to a man inside. Body to body beneath the furs, Caleb feels the first stirrings of desire. If he takes this man to his bed what will become of his mountain man image of himself? 

(Unlock Me): Joseph, an Asian-American, thinks his traditional Chinese upbringing has contributed to his inability to reconcile himself with his sexuality. Then he meets Michael and something shifts. Michael is caring, understanding, and beautiful in every way. Can Michael unlock the binding Joseph has placed on his heart and mind? 

(Painted): Ainsworth Fullerton—server of expensive food by day—drag queen by night. When Ainsworth discovered drag, his heart found a new purpose. Drag is his life. During and after Ainsworth's latest performance, Charlie, his straight roommate, starts acting strange, showing much more affection than is common for him. And he wants to talk. What could he possibly want to talk about?

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance

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