Men in Uniform - Gay Erotica


Men in Uniform

Four Gay Erotica quick reads to get you all hot and bothered 

A football player, a firefighter, a private in the military, and a beat cop. Four short stories about their lust-driven exploits and the men that accompany them there. 

First Down – Greg's girlfriend has left him. He's volatile and irritated, threatening the continuation of his college scholarship. Smartening up on the field, he helps bring his team to victory. Afterward, in the shower, he finds it difficult to keep his eyes off the quarterback, Devin. Little does he know, Devin has plans for him. Once the locker room clears, Devin heads back into the showers where Greg is enjoying the hot water. How steamy is the shower going to get? 

Backdraft – Patrick loves being a firefighter. The camaraderie, the excitement, the opportunity to contribute to the community. After a particularly rough fire, Patrick decides to stay on at the firehouse and sleep there. The other guy from the night's two-man team, Wade, decides to stay as well. They're both on the next night shift together. When Wade wakes him up, looking for a bit of action, Patrick stops to think about it. What if the rest of the firehouse was to find out? 

Alpha Charlie – Dusty is a Private First-Class undergoing basic training at Fort Carson. Their days are filled with drills, training, and classes. When night rolls around, Dusty crashes onto his cot. He's awoken by explicit, lurid, and lude dreams. He heads to the washroom to relieve the pressure. While there, he runs into Private Carlos, awoken by the same problem. Weeks without human contact have the two men seeking fulfillment with any warm body they can find. 

Blue Force – Darren and Curtis are beat cops. Partners—and lovers. Their job is to guard the streets at night in a seedy end of town. After a particularly stimulating encounter with a rent boy, Curtis asks Darren to find a dark alley. He needs to get Darren out of his uniform. It's like an addiction, their desire for one another. One they can no longer control. What, if anything, will satisfy them tonight?

Genre: Gay Erotica

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Phantom Yearning - Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance


Phantom Yearning

David Concord is a paranormal investigator. When he and his investigative team are offered an opportunity to stay overnight in a haunted house, they jump at the chance.  

The investigative team consists of a core group of three, then anyone who would like to join them from their Facebook Group. When they arrive to do the investigation, they have an additional three volunteers. One in particular catches David's eye—Charles. 

David heads to the basement with Charles. Once there, the activity begins. And not just the ghostly type. David finds himself drawn to Charles. So much so, he makes a move on him. 

After fulfilling his desire for Charles, the two men turn to investigating further; the rampant phantom activity and their attraction to one another. 

What phantoms will present themselves tonight? What will the rest of the night hold for them? 

Genre: Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance

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Amongst the Heather - Gay Erotica


Amongst the Heather

A threesome in the highlands of modern-day Scotland 

Angus McPherson is competing in his village's highland games. Caber toss, hammer throw, and tug o'war, a test of his brute strength and throwing ability. He's a big guy—muscular and young. 

After the competition, Angus is on the lookout for men interested in continuing the games somewhere scenic away from the village. He finds two—a couple of burly, furry bears. Their ample bellies and thick beards are exactly what Angus is looking for. 

Amongst the heather, will this cub be satisfied by what these men are looking to do to him?

Genre: Gay Menage Erotica

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Unlock Me - Gay Erotic Romance


Unlock Me

Joseph, an Asian-American, thinks his traditional Chinese upbringing has contributed to his inability to reconcile himself with his sexuality. 

Then he meets Michael and something shifts. He has never even considered dating a guy before. The expectation is that he'll marry a nice Chinese girl and settle down. Joseph knows that denying himself what he truly desires is going to cost him. 

Michael is caring, understanding, and beautiful. He's willing to work with Joseph in navigating his hang-ups. Despite his reservations, Joseph can't turn him down. 

The first date out of the way, a night with a promise of sexting turns into so much more. 

Can Michael unlock the binding Joseph has placed on his heart and mind?

Genre: Gay Erotic Romance

Forgiven - Gay Taboo Erotica



Forgive me Father for I have sinned

David is bored and horny and decides to go on a popular gay men's dating/hook-up app to find a guy to play with. When he sees Wayne's picture, he knows this is the guy. Fortunately, Wayne wants the same thing as David. A quick in and out, then off on their separate ways. No complications. Just straight-up sex. 

They meet up at David's house and do the deed—end of story. 

Easter Sunday, David is at church to attend mass. The shock of his life appears before his eyes when the priest performing mass turns out to be none other than Wayne. 

Father Wayne. 

After letting Father Wayne know he's on to him, David is surprised when he is contacted again by the priest, looking for a repeat. How can he say no? 

His soul might be on the line, but isn't that what confession is about—forgiveness.

Genre: Gay Taboo Erotica

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The Way He Moves - Gay Erotica


The Way He Moves

Peter is still suffering after throwing out his husband of five years for infidelity. He isn't sure he'll ever fully recover. His husband, Daniel, was his life. 

Trying to break him of his solitude, Peter's friends arrange a night out at a local gay bar renowned for its go-go dancers. Peter gives in and agrees to go with his friends. 

The first two dancers are good, hot even, but it isn't until the third dancer, Paul, sweeps onto the stage that Peter finds a true appreciation for the art form. Because Paul is truly a work of art in motion, his ballet-style performance on the pole center stage captures Peter's full attention. 

Peter is shocked when Paul makes his way over to their table after changing. Even more shocked when Paul starts flirting with him. Paul is way out of his league. 

When the flirting turns more serious, Peter is enthralled—honored, and soon finds himself at Paul's place. He has been ensnared by Paul's seductive moves. 

He soon realizes, he is one of many who have come before him. But there is something innocent about Paul—a need for genuine affection. Peter follows him there. With unexpected results. 

Is Paul more than a one-night stand?

Genre: Gay Erotica

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Lost - Gay Erotic Romance


Solitude interrupted brings with it a desire like none other. 

Caleb has lived in the mountains for almost twenty years—living off the land. He has no interest in what civilization has to offer. 

Out on a hunting expedition, Caleb comes across a truck buried deep in the snow on the defunct logging road he was to cross. The light of a candle alerts him to there being a man inside. 

Caleb carries him back to his cabin and sets about warming him up. Body to body beneath the furs Caleb feels the first stirrings of desire for the man he is yet to know. 

When he awakes, Mark spends the next few days with him, waiting for the snow to abate so Caleb can help him dig his truck out. The two men become close, hunting and spending time together. 

When Mark makes a pass at him, Caleb panics. If he follows through, falls headlong into his desire for this man, there would be no going back. His perception of himself would change. He is proud to be a mountain man, living off the land—being self-sufficient. 

Would that change if he took a man to his bed?

Genre: Gay Erotic Romance