Power Surge - Gay Erotica


Gay Erotica bookcover for Power Surge showing man posing wearing work coveralls

Power Surge

Hot, dirty—and powerful. Surging competition leads to electrifying desire 

Cameron Rigby's family business has been around for generations. A company of electricians starting with his grandfather. Cameron has been left in charge; his father retired. His grandfather long gone. A new competitor in town is threatening to wipe them out of the market. 

Scott Tandy moved into town seven months back. It isn't until Cameron meets him during a chance meeting at the pub that he realizes there's more to Scott than being just a competitor. His competition is not only a talented electrician, but he is also gorgeous—and interested. 

Throwing rivalry to the wind, Cameron takes a dangerous step. Scott's seductive eyes and smile are calling to him; driving his lust to new heights. 

What will the night bring? Simple fulfillment of desire or something more.

Genre: Gay Erotica

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