The Way He Moves - Gay Erotica


Gay Erotica bookcover for The Way He Moves showing young man posing with arms above his head

The Way He Moves

Peter is still suffering after throwing out his husband of five years for infidelity. He isn't sure he'll ever fully recover. His husband, Daniel, was his life. 

Trying to break him of his solitude, Peter's friends arrange a night out at a local gay bar renowned for its go-go dancers. Peter gives in and agrees to go with his friends. 

The first two dancers are good, hot even, but it isn't until the third dancer, Paul, sweeps onto the stage that Peter finds a true appreciation for the art form. Because Paul is truly a work of art in motion, his ballet-style performance on the pole center stage captures Peter's full attention. 

Peter is shocked when Paul makes his way over to their table after changing. Even more shocked when Paul starts flirting with him. Paul is way out of his league. 

When the flirting turns more serious, Peter is enthralled—honored, and soon finds himself at Paul's place. He has been ensnared by Paul's seductive moves. 

He soon realizes, he is one of many who have come before him. But there is something innocent about Paul—a need for genuine affection. Peter follows him there. With unexpected results. 

Is Paul more than a one-night stand?

Genre: Gay Erotica

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