Unlock Me - M/M Erotic Romance


Gay Erotic Romance bookcover for Unlock Me showing Asian man with key protruding from his back

Unlock Me

Joseph, an Asian-American, thinks his traditional Chinese upbringing has contributed to his inability to reconcile himself with his sexuality. 

Then he meets Michael and something shifts. He has never even considered dating a guy before. The expectation is that he'll marry a nice Chinese girl and settle down. Joseph knows that denying himself what he truly desires is going to cost him. 

Michael is caring, understanding, and beautiful. He's willing to work with Joseph in navigating his hang-ups. Despite his reservations, Joseph can't turn him down. 

The first date out of the way, a night with a promise of sexting turns into so much more. 

Can Michael unlock the binding Joseph has placed on his heart and mind?

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance

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