Paint by Numbers - M/M Erotic Romance


Gay Erotic Romance bookcover for Paint by Numbers showing sexy man surrounded by paint splotches

Paint by Numbers

Romance, sex—and paint. How messy is life about to get? 

Adam's life is structured. Get real-life work out of the way so he can concentrate on his art. Simple. His world of graffiti art is his true passion. It shows in his work and people are taking notice. 

A chance meeting with a graffiti artist of renown, Liam Shatsky, inspires Adam to create his greatest piece of art. The city will take notice. 

A second meeting with him has the two men making plans to get together. 

One drawback. Liam is straight. Despite Adam's attraction to the broody, handsome artist, he knows it’s a case of hands-off. Their friendship will have to bloom without complications.

Following his heart, Adam messes up, sending Liam running for the hills. Is all lost or will Liam find his way back to him? What does the future hold for them? Will they ever paint together? Or will there be more?

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance

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