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Bound - Gay Bondage Erotica

Gay Erotica bookcover for Bound showing man with his hands tied behind his back


A desire to be bound transforms into a desperate need to be possessed 

Richard answers a personal advertisement in his small-town newspaper. "Seeking someone who likes to play with ropes".

Charles seems an average enough man. Hard-working. True 1890s grit. Homesteading on the outskirts of town. 

Bound and strung up in Charles's barn, Richard's wildest fantasies are about to come true. He wants to be punished and used, brought to the brink of his endurance. 

A second encounter changes Richard's perspective on where he sees his life heading. Charles has shown Richard a side of himself he never dreamed existed. 

Is Richard willing to turn over total control to Charles?

Genre: Gay Bondage Erotica

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Spanked by Daddy - Gay Daddy Erotica


Gay Erotica bookcover for Spanked by Daddy showing young man pulling his shirt over his head

Spanked by Daddy

As Daddies go, Carl is a catch. James has had Daddies in the past that never took as much time with him or cared as much about his overall wellbeing. 

Plus, they have fun together. Daddy's care and attention translate into the bedroom as well. Daddy knows how to take care of him. Spanking is big for them both. 

James likes to be spanked. Daddy loves spanking him. 

After working out for Daddy's pleasure, James receives some pleasure of his own when they retreat to Daddy's bedroom. How far will Daddy push James's endurance for fulfillment tonight?

Genre: Gay Daddy Erotica

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Farmhand - Gay Breeding Erotica


Gay Erotica bookcover for Farmhand showing young man leaning against some wooden boards


A desire to be used by multiple men comes to fruition 

Shaun is working as a farmhand for the summer, having the summer off from college. He's never done physical labor before and it's leaving him sore. 

Distractions are rare in the small town he finds himself in. Very few straight guys are willing to walk the line with him. He's hankering for a bit of excitement. 

An offer to meet with a bunch of the other farmhands in the barn late one night is a dream come true. Shaun has always wanted to be used by a gang of men. 

One night turns into two when he offers them more of his body. After being bred, Rex, the farm manager takes a special interest in him. He wants even more of what Shaun has on offer. 

His summer job is turning out better than Shaun ever imagined it would.

Genre: Gay Breeding Erotica

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Sissy That Walk - Gay Femboy Erotica


Gay Sissy Erotica bookcover for Sissy That Walk showing bare chested man clutching a bra

Sissy That Walk

It started with the lingerie, just trying it on at home. Then my collection grew. Bralettes, panties, nighties, and stockings. Then I wanted to share it. Wear it for gentleman callers. 

What started as a kink turned into a full-on fetish. "Sissy searching for satisfaction" was my calling card on my profile. Plenty of men answered. My hobby had turned to lust—a desire to be used. 

This particular night, I am celebrating a promotion at work. The lingerie set I picked up for the occasion has me tingling with excitement. Will Nick be able to satisfy me? 

The sloppy, overweight man takes immediate command of me. He sets about satisfying all my sissy femboy needs. And more. He takes my body to places I have never dreamed of. 

Thoroughly used, I jump at the chance of a second encounter … but this time it's with a twist.

Genre: Gay Sissy Femboy Erotica

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