Forgiven - Gay Taboo Erotica


Gay Erotica bookcover for Forgiven showing a priest kissing a rosary


Forgive me Father for I have sinned

David is bored and horny and decides to go on a popular gay men's dating/hook-up app to find a guy to play with. When he sees Wayne's picture, he knows this is the guy. Fortunately, Wayne wants the same thing as David. A quick in and out, then off on their separate ways. No complications. Just straight-up sex. 

They meet up at David's house and do the deed—end of story. 

Easter Sunday, David is at church to attend mass. The shock of his life appears before his eyes when the priest performing mass turns out to be none other than Wayne. 

Father Wayne. 

After letting Father Wayne know he's on to him, David is surprised when he is contacted again by the priest, looking for a repeat. How can he say no? 

His soul might be on the line, but isn't that what confession is about—forgiveness.

Genre: Gay Taboo Erotica

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