In Tune

When you're in tune with someone, does it matter how you began? 

Lucas is playing a gig with his band, his twelfth night in a row in his hometown of Portland. The other band on the billing is good. A blues band from Texas. And the lead singer, Danny, is something else to look at. Watching his lips move gives Lucas all sorts of ideas. 

Danny is on the road for six weeks, playing cities between Dallas and Portland. He's only in Portland for one night. Life on the road is lonely. He takes a chance and asks Lucas out for coffee after the show. They're both tired. It's late, but they find they can't keep their hands off each other. 

After a frantic encounter in a back alley, Lucas asks Danny back to his place. Their night slows down. What will the morning bring? Exactly how in tune with each other are they?

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance Short Story

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A desire to be bound transforms into a desperate need to be possessed 

Richard answers a personal advertisement in his small-town newspaper. "Seeking someone who likes to play with ropes".

Charles seems an average enough man. Hard-working. True 1890s grit. Homesteading on the outskirts of town. 

Bound and strung up in Charles's barn, Richard's wildest fantasies are about to come true. He wants to be punished and used, brought to the brink of his endurance. 

A second encounter changes Richard's perspective on where he sees his life heading. Charles has shown Richard a side of himself he never dreamed existed. 

Is Richard willing to turn over total control to Charles?

Genre: Gay Bondage Erotica Short Story

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Unrequited attraction leads to simmering desire 

Adam isn't out as gay. He goes about his day as a bartender in a local pub, looking but not touching. He has a rule—no dating. He's terrified into singleness. 

Mark, a regular at the pub, has a habit of making Adam's mouth water. Mark always sits at the bar, giving them plenty of time to talk over the months Mark has been coming in. 

Adam doesn't give the possibility of acting on his attraction any weight. He's sure Mark is straight. Plus, he would end up breaking his rule if he considered any kind of dating. 

A chance meeting outside of work promises a change in their relationship. A walk along the seawall turns into so much more. In the span of twenty-four hours, their customer—bartender rapport is broken, replaced by a simmering need for one another. 

Where will it lead, this change? 

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance Short Story

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Spanked by Daddy

As Daddies go, Carl is a catch. James has had Daddies in the past that never took as much time with him or cared as much about his overall wellbeing. 

Plus, they have fun together. Daddy's care and attention translate into the bedroom as well. Daddy knows how to take care of him. Spanking is big for them both. 

James likes to be spanked. Daddy loves spanking him. 

After working out for Daddy's pleasure, James receives some pleasure of his own when they retreat to Daddy's bedroom. How far will Daddy push James's endurance for fulfillment tonight?

Genre: Gay Daddy Erotica Short Story

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Men in Uniform

Four Gay Erotica quick reads to get you all hot and bothered 

A football player, a firefighter, a private in the military, and a beat cop. Four short stories about their lust-driven exploits and the men that accompany them there. 

First Down – Greg's girlfriend has left him. He's volatile and irritated, threatening the continuation of his college scholarship. Smartening up on the field, he helps bring his team to victory. Afterward, in the shower, he finds it difficult to keep his eyes off the quarterback, Devin. Little does he know, Devin has plans for him. Once the locker room clears, Devin heads back into the showers where Greg is enjoying the hot water. How steamy is the shower going to get? 

Backdraft – Patrick loves being a firefighter. The camaraderie, the excitement, the opportunity to contribute to the community. After a particularly rough fire, Patrick decides to stay on at the firehouse and sleep there. The other guy from the night's two-man team, Wade, decides to stay as well. They're both on the next night shift together. When Wade wakes him up, looking for a bit of action, Patrick stops to think about it. What if the rest of the firehouse was to find out? 

Alpha Charlie – Dusty is a Private First-Class undergoing basic training at Fort Carson. Their days are filled with drills, training, and classes. When night rolls around, Dusty crashes onto his cot. He's awoken by explicit, lurid, and lude dreams. He heads to the washroom to relieve the pressure. While there, he runs into Private Carlos, awoken by the same problem. Weeks without human contact have the two men seeking fulfillment with any warm body they can find. 

Blue Force – Darren and Curtis are beat cops. Partners—and lovers. Their job is to guard the streets at night in a seedy end of town. After a particularly stimulating encounter with a rent boy, Curtis asks Darren to find a dark alley. He needs to get Darren out of his uniform. It's like an addiction, their desire for one another. One they can no longer control. What, if anything, will satisfy them tonight?

Genre: Gay Erotica Short Stories

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Amongst the Heather

A threesome in the highlands of modern-day Scotland 

Angus McPherson is competing in his village's highland games. Caber toss, hammer throw, and tug o'war, a test of his brute strength and throwing ability. He's a big guy—muscular and young. 

After the competition, Angus is on the lookout for men interested in continuing the games somewhere scenic away from the village. He finds two—a couple of burly, furry bears. Their ample bellies and thick beards are exactly what Angus is looking for. 

Amongst the heather, will this cub be satisfied by what these men are looking to do to him?

Genre: Gay Menage Erotica Short Story

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Unlock Me

Joseph, an Asian-American, thinks his traditional Chinese upbringing has contributed to his inability to reconcile himself with his sexuality. 

Then he meets Michael and something shifts. He has never even considered dating a guy before. The expectation is that he'll marry a nice Chinese girl and settle down. Joseph knows that denying himself what he truly desires is going to cost him. 

Michael is caring, understanding, and beautiful. He's willing to work with Joseph in navigating his hang-ups. Despite his reservations, Joseph can't turn him down. 

The first date out of the way, a night with a promise of sexting turns into so much more. 

Can Michael unlock the binding Joseph has placed on his heart and mind?

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance Short Story

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Forgive me Father for I have sinned

David is bored and horny and decides to go on a popular gay men's dating/hook-up app to find a guy to play with. When he sees Wayne's picture, he knows this is the guy. Fortunately, Wayne wants the same thing as David. A quick in and out, then off on their separate ways. No complications. Just straight-up sex. 

They meet up at David's house and do the deed—end of story. 

Easter Sunday, David is at church to attend mass. The shock of his life appears before his eyes when the priest performing mass turns out to be none other than Wayne. 

Father Wayne. 

After letting Father Wayne know he's on to him, David is surprised when he is contacted again by the priest, looking for a repeat. How can he say no? 

His soul might be on the line, but isn't that what confession is about—forgiveness.

Genre: Gay Clergy Erotica Short Story

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The Way He Moves

Peter is still suffering after throwing out his husband of five years for infidelity. He isn't sure he'll ever fully recover. His husband, Daniel, was his life. 

Trying to break him of his solitude, Peter's friends arrange a night out at a local gay bar renowned for its go-go dancers. Peter gives in and agrees to go with his friends. 

The first two dancers are good, hot even, but it isn't until the third dancer, Paul, sweeps onto the stage that Peter finds a true appreciation for the art form. Because Paul is truly a work of art in motion, his ballet-style performance on the pole center stage captures Peter's full attention. 

Peter is shocked when Paul makes his way over to their table after changing. Even more shocked when Paul starts flirting with him. Paul is way out of his league. 

When the flirting turns more serious, Peter is enthralled—honored, and soon finds himself at Paul's place. He has been ensnared by Paul's seductive moves. 

He soon realizes, he is one of many who have come before him. But there is something innocent about Paul—a need for genuine affection. Peter follows him there. With unexpected results. 

Is Paul more than a one-night stand?

Genre: Gay Erotica Short Story

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Solitude interrupted brings with it a desire like none other. 

Caleb has lived in the mountains for almost twenty years—living off the land. He has no interest in what civilization has to offer. 

Out on a hunting expedition, Caleb comes across a truck buried deep in the snow on the defunct logging road he was to cross. The light of a candle alerts him to there being a man inside. 

Caleb carries him back to his cabin and sets about warming him up. Body to body beneath the furs Caleb feels the first stirrings of desire for the man he is yet to know. 

When he awakes, Mark spends the next few days with him, waiting for the snow to abate so Caleb can help him dig his truck out. The two men become close, hunting and spending time together. 

When Mark makes a pass at him, Caleb panics. If he follows through, falls headlong into his desire for this man, there would be no going back. His perception of himself would change. He is proud to be a mountain man, living off the land—being self-sufficient. 

Would that change if he took a man to his bed?

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance Short Story

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The thrashing he's willing to take—maybe he's broken. 

It's just another job. Another date. Daniel prepares himself to face the continuation of his workday. Tonight's date has the possibility of taking a while. 

His date, Robert, doesn't seem so bad. Nice guy. Daniel might even enjoy himself—as much as he can when he's on the job. 

Robert turns out to be more aggressive than Daniel had been expecting. He plays his part, obeying everything that is asked of him. Robert has paid for him for the whole night. 

What he's willing to endure; Daniel knows he must be broken.

Genre: Gay Erotica Short Story

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A desire to be used by multiple men comes to fruition 

Shaun is working as a farmhand for the summer, having the summer off from college. He's never done physical labor before and it's leaving him sore. 

Distractions are rare in the small town he finds himself in. Very few straight guys are willing to walk the line with him. He's hankering for a bit of excitement. 

An offer to meet with a bunch of the other farmhands in the barn late one night is a dream come true. Shaun has always wanted to be used by a gang of men. 

One night turns into two when he offers them more of his body. After being bred, Rex, the farm manager takes a special interest in him. He wants even more of what Shaun has on offer. 

His summer job is turning out better than Shaun ever imagined it would.

Genre: Gay Breeding Erotica Short Story

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Ainsworth Fullerton—server of expensive food by day—drag queen by night. When Ainsworth discovered drag, his heart found a new purpose. Drag is his life. 

Amongst the chaos of his apartment filled with drag paraphernalia, his roommate Charlie Riddell is a calming force, never complaining once about the life that has become Ainsworth's obsession. 

Even though Charlie is straight, he helps Ainsworth when he can, getting Ainsworth in and out of drag. It has created bonding moments between them. And Charlie rarely misses a show. 

During and after Ainsworth's latest performance, Charlie starts acting strange, showing much more affection than is common for him. And he wants to talk. 

What could he possibly want to talk about?

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance Short Story

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Lustful Temptation

Have you ever been tempted by a stranger? 

Nathan is minding his own business planting a hedge in a customer's yard. Evidently, the owner of the property has other ideas.

Nathan's boss takes off for lunch, leaving Nathan on his own. An offered glass of lemonade by the owner turns into so much more.

The temptation of what's on offer proves too much for Nathan. Even though rain starts to fall, nothing is going to deter the lust that has grown between the two. 

Nathan will be planting much more than a hedge this afternoon.

Genre: Gay Erotica Short Story

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Paint by Numbers

Romance, sex—and paint. How messy is life about to get? 

Adam's life is structured. Get real-life work out of the way so he can concentrate on his art. Simple. His world of graffiti art is his true passion. It shows in his work and people are taking notice. 

A chance meeting with a graffiti artist of renown, Liam Shatsky, inspires Adam to create his greatest piece of art. The city will take notice. 

A second meeting with him has the two men making plans to get together. 

One drawback. Liam is straight. Despite Adam's attraction to the broody, handsome artist, he knows it’s a case of hands-off. Their friendship will have to bloom without complications.

Following his heart, Adam messes up, sending Liam running for the hills. Is all lost or will Liam find his way back to him? What does the future hold for them? Will they ever paint together? Or will there be more?

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance Short Story

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Sissy That Walk

It started with the lingerie, just trying it on at home. Then my collection grew. Bralettes, panties, nighties, and stockings. Then I wanted to share it. Wear it for gentleman callers. 

What started as a kink turned into a full-on fetish. "Sissy searching for satisfaction" was my calling card on my profile. Plenty of men answered. My hobby had turned to lust—a desire to be used. 

This particular night, I am celebrating a promotion at work. The lingerie set I picked up for the occasion has me tingling with excitement. Will Nick be able to satisfy me? 

The sloppy, overweight man takes immediate command of me. He sets about satisfying all my sissy femboy needs. And more. He takes my body to places I have never dreamed of. 

Thoroughly used, I jump at the chance of a second encounter … but this time it's with a twist.

Keywords: sissy, femboy, lingerie, nipple play, chastity cage, douching, fisting, anal insertions, ass to mouth

Genre: Gay Sissy Erotica Short Story

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Academic Desire

Has a professor ever caught your eye? A steamy new lesson needs to be learned. 

Todd Lambert is in his third year, working toward a Sociology degree. A new professor is taking over their Sociology of Sexuality course. Despite being some thirty-five years his senior, the hot, easy-going professor catches Todd's eye. Todd thinks it might be reciprocal. 

Under the guise of needing extra help from the professor, Todd makes an appointment to meet him in his office. He can't stop the lustful looks he keeps shooting the professor's way. 

Surprising him, Walter Ward, his professor, picks up on his signals and approaches him during their meeting. Todd isn't looking for any special favors. Just the professor's attention. 

The professor ends up giving him more than Todd expected. The age difference between them never even coming into play. Walter is as virile as he is commanding.

 The lessons learned that afternoon will stick with Todd for a long time to come.

Genre: Gay Erotica Short Story

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Power Surge

Hot, dirty—and powerful. Surging competition leads to electrifying desire 

Cameron Rigby's family business has been around for generations. A company of electricians starting with his grandfather. Cameron has been left in charge; his father retired. His grandfather long gone. A new competitor in town is threatening to wipe them out of the market. 

Scott Tandy moved into town seven months back. It isn't until Cameron meets him during a chance meeting at the pub that he realizes there's more to Scott than being just a competitor. His competition is not only a talented electrician, but he is also gorgeous—and interested. 

Throwing rivalry to the wind, Cameron takes a dangerous step. Scott's seductive eyes and smile are calling to him; driving his lust to new heights. 

What will the night bring? Simple fulfillment of desire or something more.

Genre: Gay Erotica Short Story

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Christmas Frappe

How do you take your frappe? Creamy or covered in whip—or both.

Hating everything to do with the holiday season, Dan wanders into his local coffee shop. The hot, young barista, Brad, is working, his presence promising to brighten his day. Dan is having his usual, coffee—black, but Brad's flirtatious remark about whipped cream has Dan's mind racing. 

That night, a dreaded Christmas party has Dan on edge until he spots his favorite barista. When Brad pulls a canister of whipped cream from the fridge, Dan's night turns the corner into something festive. 

Hot, frothy, and sweet. Brad is about to change Dan's mind about the holidays.

Genre: Gay Holiday Erotica Short Story

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