Spanked by Daddy - Gay Daddy Erotica


Gay Erotica bookcover for Spanked by Daddy showing young man pulling his shirt over his head

Spanked by Daddy

As Daddies go, Carl is a catch. James has had Daddies in the past that never took as much time with him or cared as much about his overall wellbeing. 

Plus, they have fun together. Daddy's care and attention translate into the bedroom as well. Daddy knows how to take care of him. Spanking is big for them both. 

James likes to be spanked. Daddy loves spanking him. 

After working out for Daddy's pleasure, James receives some pleasure of his own when they retreat to Daddy's bedroom. How far will Daddy push James's endurance for fulfillment tonight?

Genre: Gay Daddy Erotica

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