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Sissy That Walk - Gay Femboy Erotica


Gay Sissy Erotica bookcover for Sissy That Walk showing bare chested man clutching a bra

Sissy That Walk

It started with the lingerie, just trying it on at home. Then my collection grew. Bralettes, panties, nighties, and stockings. Then I wanted to share it. Wear it for gentleman callers. 

What started as a kink turned into a full-on fetish. "Sissy searching for satisfaction" was my calling card on my profile. Plenty of men answered. My hobby had turned to lust—a desire to be used. 

This particular night, I am celebrating a promotion at work. The lingerie set I picked up for the occasion has me tingling with excitement. Will Nick be able to satisfy me? 

The sloppy, overweight man takes immediate command of me. He sets about satisfying all my sissy femboy needs. And more. He takes my body to places I have never dreamed of. 

Thoroughly used, I jump at the chance of a second encounter … but this time it's with a twist.

Genre: Gay Sissy Femboy Erotica

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