Lost - M/M Erotic Romance

Gay Erotic Romance bookcover for Lost showing man wearing furry hood in the snow


Solitude interrupted brings with it a desire like none other. 

Caleb has lived in the mountains for almost twenty years—living off the land. He has no interest in what civilization has to offer. 

Out on a hunting expedition, Caleb comes across a truck buried deep in the snow on the defunct logging road he was to cross. The light of a candle alerts him to there being a man inside. 

Caleb carries him back to his cabin and sets about warming him up. Body to body beneath the furs Caleb feels the first stirrings of desire for the man he is yet to know. 

When he awakes, Mark spends the next few days with him, waiting for the snow to abate so Caleb can help him dig his truck out. The two men become close, hunting and spending time together. 

When Mark makes a pass at him, Caleb panics. If he follows through, falls headlong into his desire for this man, there would be no going back. His perception of himself would change. He is proud to be a mountain man, living off the land—being self-sufficient. 

Would that change if he took a man to his bed?

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance

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