Painted - M/M Erotic Romance


Gay Erotic Romance bookcover for Painted showing man with half his face in drag makeup


Ainsworth Fullerton—server of expensive food by day—drag queen by night. When Ainsworth discovered drag, his heart found a new purpose. Drag is his life. 

Amongst the chaos of his apartment filled with drag paraphernalia, his roommate Charlie Riddell is a calming force, never complaining once about the life that has become Ainsworth's obsession. 

Even though Charlie is straight, he helps Ainsworth when he can, getting Ainsworth in and out of drag. It has created bonding moments between them. And Charlie rarely misses a show. 

During and after Ainsworth's latest performance, Charlie starts acting strange, showing much more affection than is common for him. And he wants to talk. 

What could he possibly want to talk about?

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance

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