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Gay Erotic Tales Bundle - Gay Erotica



Unquenchable thirst coupled with unbridled desire

FOUR stories! Connor finds himself on a roller coaster of pleasure. Follow him on his journey as he wades through the sweaty grips of love, passion, and lust for the ultimate fulfillment in the complete series of Gay Erotic Tales.

Genre: Gay Erotica

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Rodeo Boys Bundle - Gay Erotica


Rodeo Boys Bundle

Cowboy lust, hot—dirty, and unstoppable 

Dirk's family cattle ranch seems wholesome enough. Unless you were to wander into the horse barn Dirk uses for his side business of breeding and training stock horses. Then you might find him bulldogging Garrett, the ranch's head stockman. 

Wanting to explore their sexual appetite further, Dirk and Garrett have started cruising. Hitting the rodeo circuit. Partially because they love bronc riding and steer wrestling, and partly because the rodeo grounds and local country bars are prime hunting grounds for tracking down straight guys who are willing to walk the line with them—experiment.

How far are these wranglers prepared to go to fulfill their rough stock lust? Follow the exploits of Dirk and Garrett as they cruise for straight guys on the Rodeo circuit.

Genre: Gay Erotica

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Amongst the Heather - Gay Erotica


Gay Erotica bookcover for Amongst the Heather showing man dressed in a tartan skirt

Amongst the Heather

A threesome in the highlands of modern-day Scotland 

Angus McPherson is competing in his village's highland games. Caber toss, hammer throw, and tug o'war, a test of his brute strength and throwing ability. He's a big guy—muscular and young. 

After the competition, Angus is on the lookout for men interested in continuing the games somewhere scenic away from the village. He finds two—a couple of burly, furry bears. Their ample bellies and thick beards are exactly what Angus is looking for. 

Amongst the heather, will this cub be satisfied by what these men are looking to do to him?

Genre: Gay Menage Erotica

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